Solid oak frame mirror

The mirror features a 25 mm thick solid oak frame, oiled with Osmo TopOil 3058, giving it a natural and rustic look. Order with defogger for added convenience. 


• 25 mm thick solid oak, oiled with Osmo TopOil 3058
• Defogger set (if ordered) includes 400 x 600 mm adhesive heater 48W, 0,048 kW/h. This heating element is glued to the mirror on the
other side and connected to the power supply. The element is usually connected in parallel with the lighting.


• Mirror heater (defogger) must be ordered separately
• Lighting unit must be ordered separately
• Exterior paint or oil code must be specified in the order

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Product code



BC.M.1.120 900 x 1140 On request 
BC.M.1.090 900 x 840  On request
BC.M.1.060 900 x 540 On request