Shelf above the mirror with lights

This small and unassuming shelf is here to add much-needed functionality to your mirror. With two built-in LED lights, each with the power of 3W, 3000k, and 60lm, it will provide the optimal light for checking yourself out in the bathroom or hallway mirror. 


• Made from 18 mm thick laminated Pine board, painted or oiled
• Lighting unit includes 2 LED lights 3W, 3000k, 60lm with black frames, incl. 1 power transformer ready to be plugged into
a power outlet


• Mirror must be ordered separately 
• Exterior paint or oil code must be specified in the order

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Product code



BC.0.120.M H280 x W1220 x D200 On request 
BC.0.090.M H280 x W920 x D200  On request