Construction beams

Laimdotas Ltd. manufactures wooden construction beams (timber frame material) of various sizes. The building beams are glue laminated using EPI glue, which ensures a very high quality glued joint. The manufacturing technology provides highly durable timber frame beams so our wooden construction beams are suitable for both interior and exterior conditions. All our wooden construction beams are FSC certified.


Construction beams can be used for:

  • roof construction;
  • floorboards and their joining elements;
  • scaffolding and other wooden constructions.

We manufacture construction beams of various sizes and up to maximum dimensions of 145x450x7500 mm

  • 24x86x6000
  • 48x86x6000
  • 48x164x6000
  • 48x246x6000
  • 72x86x6000
  • 72x164x6000
  • 72x246x6000
  • 96x86x6000
  • 96x164x6000
  • 96x246x6000
  • 120x86x6000
  • 120x164x6000
  • 120x246x6000

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