Window scantlings

Laimdotas Ltd. specializes in manufacturing glue laminated (glulam) window scantlings of different types and sizes. Our equipment gives us the unique ability to produce wooden scantlings up to 7500 mm in length with maximum dimensions of 145x450x7500 mm. 100% of our dried (seasoned) production is dried in modern computerized drying kilns, which guarantees perfectly optimal drying climate, an even drying process, as well as high end product quality. All our manufactured products are FSC certified.

To produce the window scantlings, we use both fixed (FIX) and finger jointed (FJ) knot-free and defect-free lamellae (produced from Class A pine wood logs), which are used for manufacturing finger jointed window scantlings of different standards. The tooth-shaped glued joint is visible on the wide lateral edge. PVAc glue is used to guarantee high quality of the glue joint.